DaranEner NEO1500 Pro Portable Power Station | 1800W 1382Wh
DaranEner NEO1500 Pro Portable Power Station | 1800W 1382Wh
DaranEner NEO1500 Pro Portable Power Station | 1800W 1382Wh
DaranEner NEO1500 Pro Portable Power Station | 1800W 1382Wh
DaranEner NEO1500 Pro Portable Power Station | 1800W 1382Wh
DaranEner NEO1500 Pro Portable Power Station | 1800W 1382Wh
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DaranEner NEO1500 Pro Portable Power Station | 1800W 1382Wh

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  • 1800W power / 1382Wh capacity
  • Charging from 0-80% in only 1 hour
  • EV-grade LiFePO4 battery from the world's leading manufacturer
  • 14 ports and pure sine wave output
  • 5 years warranty

Recommended for people who:

  • Want to prepare for long-term power outages
  • Power their RV with lights, fans, mini-fridges and other appliances
  • Backup power for refrigerator, aquarium, router, pacemaker, etc. at home
  • Audio, TV or projection at your barbecue party

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Benefit from the green, endless solar energy

Catch the sun

When you're in the middle of the sunny outdoors, harness the green, endless solar energy with our portable power stations. Equipped with up to 600 watts of solar power, you can quickly and easily charge your power station outdoors and keep it at peak performance.

Fully charged
1 Hour

With fast charging capabilities, you don't have to wait all day for your NEO1500Pro portable power bank to charge. It can reach 80% capacity in just 1 hour and fully charge in 1.3 hours, so you can get back to using it as soon as possible.

Preparation for the off-grid life

With a capacity of 1382 watt-hours and an output power of 1800 watts, the NEO1500Pro portable power station can meet a wide range of energy needs. It even has overvoltages of up to 3000 watts, so you can easily use it to power high-demand devices and appliances.

Power 99% of your devices

With 14 output ports, the NEO2000 portable power bank makes it easy to charge multiple devices at once. It's compatible with most devices, so you don't have to worry about finding the right adapter or cable for your devices. It's the perfect power solution for all your on-the-go charging needs.

3500 life cycles up to 80%

Experience the long-lasting performance of LiFePO4 batteries with the DaranEner NEO2000 portable power station. These high quality batteries have a longer life and maintain 80% capacity after 3500 cycles and 50% capacity after 6500 cycles. That's up to 7 times the life of NCM batteries, so you can rest assured that your portable power station will be there for you when you need it most.

Safety first with EV batteries

Don't let a dead battery ruin your day - NEO1500Pro is powered by EV-class LiFePO4 batteries from the world's leading battery manufacturer.

With its rugged unibody design, premium LiFePO4 batteries and patented BMS technology, NEO1500Pro is built to last and protect your devices from voltage, current and temperature spikes. Keep your devices powered and ready for anything with the most reliable portable power plant on the market.

Stay classy outdoors

Stay energized no matter where your adventures take you with the DaranEner NEO1500Pro portable power station. Its thickened handle is ergonomically designed for easy handling, and the unique wind tunnel grille protects against dust and sand. Don't let the elements stop you - take your strength station with you and enjoy your time outdoors to the fullest.

Stay powered on no matter what

Don't let power outages disrupt your life - the DaranEner NEO1500Pro portable power plant has a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) function that ensures uninterrupted power to your devices. Keep everything running smoothly with this reliable and convenient power source. Even if the power supply is interrupted after a power failure, the NEO1500Pro will continue to supply power to the load when the mains power is restored.

What is in the box

  • Portable power station
  • User manual & warranty card
  • MC4 to XT60 solar charging cable
  • AC charging cable
  • USB C cable


Battery details

Capacity :


Type :


Life Cycles :

3500+ cycles up to 80% of original capacity

Durability :

Charge to 80% every 3-6 months

System :

MPPT controller, BMS, etc.


USB-A*4 :

MAX. 24W

USB-C*2 :


Car socket output :

Max. 120W (12V⎓8A)

AC output :

1800W (Surge 2600W) 120V~60Hz

LED lighting :



AC input :

Max. 1000W (120V/8.4A)

Solar charge :

Max. 600W (XT60 port 33~60V/20A)


Weight :

18,7 KG / 41LB

Size :

44,0×23,5×29,5 CM / 17,3×9,3×11,6 INCH

Operating temperature :

-10~ 45°C


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James W.
Power bank

Easy to use waiting for first camping trip to put it to work

✅✅☀☀ Our power station for every occasion ☀☀✅

In the last 2 years, we have already dealt with one or the other power station in the range of 1500 watts — 2000 watts and have already decided on Daranener as the provider in addition to Bluetti. In addition to two 2000 watt stations and one 300 watt for small end users, we have finally reinforced ourselves with a 1500 watt variant. A 1000 watt station purchased two years ago from a less well-known manufacturer has since had to leave us with a faulty storage system...

In combination with our solar panels, we are now not only fairly self-sufficient on the road, but also generate free electricity in our home garden at almost every opportunity.

As already known from Daranener, the workmanship of the Power Station is exceptionally good. Thanks to the two sturdy side handles, you can easily move the part, which now weighs “only” 18 kg. The predecessors had all weighed over 20 kg or even 25 kg, so fortunately, a bit of something has been done here in terms of compactness!

A nice feature of the new power station is the LiFePO4 battery, which has many advantages over the competition on the market: long cycle times (between 3000-5000), more safety, environmentally friendly, lower weight, no memory effect, even faster charging, high discharge rate. That speaks for itself to a certain extent with the device!

The power station is equipped with a total of 3 x 230V AC ports with 1800W (pure sine wave =, a mandatory car socket, 2 Type-C ports, 2 USB-A and last but not least 4 DC 5521 connections.

The power station can both be charged and charged in parallel, which is particularly beneficial for long-term users. You can also let the dispenser with cooling or the music system run over it without bothering yourself.
At the very beginning, we tried out a 30° wash cycle, which went through without any problems. After completion, the station still had around 18 percent remaining charge.

A little tip: If possible, the charge should never fall below 3%, otherwise the power stations (for all brands) will no longer work completely reliably when operating “energy-hungry” devices and, in the worst case, can even be damaged!

There is also no need to worry about surge damage, as the display shows when the device requires more than the permitted 1800 watts peak load and then switches off.

The power station has all common certifications and can be connected to all common solar ports via an adapter connection.

I've contributed a small video and a few pictures to the Neo 1500 and hope they help me get a better overview!?
What should not be missing, of course, is the emergency lighting on the back of the case, which is also mandatory.

To start up, the Power Station is activated by pressing the button to the right of the AC outlets for 2-3 seconds. What also stood out positively here was the new fan, which was even quieter compared to the other stations, even if several devices “sucked” at the station at the same time!

We are absolutely satisfied so far and hope that this will provide longevity and storage continuity!

Michael H.
Impressive power station - we use it as energy storage for the house

Since we have already made our home reasonably crisis-proof, the only thing missing was a large energy storage unit. After some extensive research, I came across the brand DaRenener and opted for the Neo1500 Pro.

The power station weighs 20 kg and is therefore heavy, but still reasonably portable. It comes with all kinds of accessories such as various cables and operating instructions. After unpacking, I was pleasantly surprised, as I've only bought a <200 € power station for camping so far and this one is of a different caliber. It looks very high-quality and you immediately notice that you have bought an expensive and high-quality product.

The station has countless ports in the form of 3x normal sockets, 4x USB-A, 2x USB-C, 1x car socket and 4x DC, each of which has real power (USB-C, for example, has up to 100 W). The power station is charged via AC input or via a connection for solar modules. Charging via solar panels only works from 33 volts, so you should be careful if you have a single small foldable module like this, that might not be enough.

We use the power station as a multi-energy storage device for home and also for holidays. On the one hand, as a backup for power outages at home. Since our house has a base load of just under 150 watts, we could use it to run it all night. We are also considering buying a balcony power station and using it to charge the power station during the day so that we can use energy at night. On the other hand, we now also use the power station for camping.

Here, you absolutely no longer have to worry about how much power you still have, as you almost always have enough.

I am very satisfied

I'm once again impressed by the performance of the smaller version of DaRanener, as this is already my second power station of them. Although the manufacturer is not as well known as the big brands on the market, it offers absolutely good technology at a cheap price.

I was able to buy it at a promotional price of 999€.

★ In addition
to the power station, the package includes:

1x MC4 cable for charging the box via a solar panel
1x EU power cable for charging the box via conventional sockets
1x USB-C cable
1x user manual and warranty card

★ Existing ports
The power station has various connections:

3x 220-240V AC outlets for EU power cables, suitable for devices up to 1800W 1x cigarette lighter socket 4x DC ports 2x USB-A ports 2x USB-C

-Connections (100W)
1x input for charging the power station via conventional sockets
1x input for connecting a solar panel (max. 60V, 20A)
★ Pro:
✅ The power station offers an output power of up to 1800W, so that a wide range of devices can be used.
✅ The power station can be charged extremely quickly and is completely ready for use within 2 hours via a conventional power outlet.
✅ It is solidly built and has a sturdy construction.
✅ Compared to other power stations, it is particularly quiet.
✅ The power station also supports inductive charging.

★ Cons:
❌ The weight of 19 kg makes it difficult to transport the power station.

★★★★★ My conclusion:
The DaraNener power station offers everything you need. It has sufficient power, is solidly built and offers many connection options for various devices. It can also be charged independently of conventional power outlets, making it ideal for camping, camping or as an emergency power unit, especially in combination with a solar panel. The power station is fascinating and worth recommending, especially when you look at other power stations. For me, the box contains everything you need.

Ready for use day and night

We bought a balcony/garage roof power plant a few months ago.

To make the most of it and really get the most out of it, we have decided to finally invest in a large power station.

In addition to power, as a small, petite woman, it was important to me what the stadium was worth. Here at 20 kg, you still have a decent weight, but that is still lightweight. However, they are very easy to transport thanks to the beautiful ergonomic shape and handles.

The user manual is good and the station is almost self-explanatory because you also have a lot of connections.

- 4x USB-A -
2x USB-C
- 3x normal sockets
- 1x car socket

Various cables for charging are also included. So we wouldn't have to buy anything extra.

And it is precisely this fast charging that fascinates me time and time again. A little more than an hour and it is already full when it is plugged in. Just great.
There isn't a day that we don't use our station. Are happy to have invested and are happy to recommend them to others.

Thanks for reading.