We're DaranEner

Our goal is simple: to make a reliable, quiet, clean power supply that doesn't break down.

Our Story

Having worked in electrical for many years, constantly commuting between home and fieldwork sites, I am passionate about this job. I often take my kids on vacation camping trips and enjoy the wild game of exploring the unknown.

But the problem of electricity was always troubling us at that time. It was inconvenient to move the diesel generator, it was so noisy when it worked that we couldn't hear the birdsong, and it required great care to keep the diesel from fire. My family members wanted to use electricity easily and have the energy to achieve a more active life at all times.

Our goal is simple: to make a reliable, quiet, clean power supply that doesn't break down. It should be so reliable whether camping and hiking in the Grand Canyon of Arizona, having a BBQ with friends in your backyard, or an extra backup in case of an unexpected power outage at home. It should be trustworthy and ready to provide energy in those crucial moments.

Our story
Our mission

Ultimate Quality

We have spent several years developing the power supply so you can use DaranEner for many years. We offer a warranty on our power supplies for up to 5 years. We are always looking for more advanced and innovative ways to ensure that every product has been tested for the most rigorous durability. Because the better your DaranEner power supply runs, the more convenient and energetic you can be to live an active life.

Core Value

Our values are priceless. We lose them, we lose everything.

Family comes first. Absolutely, without question.
Treating products: seriousness, the pursuit of the ultimate.
Being human: Honest, humble, trustworthy, caring about the people around us, doing the right thing.

Our mission
Our mission

100% Smile Support

We love anything you say to us. We care so much about your well-being that we have created a DaranEner Customer Smile Team for this reason. They are the best, most professional, and patient group of people who will solve all your problems. They are your first choice when you need to ask for product information, repair, or refund.