DaranEner NEO300 Pro Portable Power Station | 600W 299Wh
DaranEner NEO300 Pro Portable Power Station | 600W 299Wh
DaranEner NEO300 Pro Portable Power Station | 600W 299Wh
DaranEner NEO300 Pro Portable Power Station | 600W 299Wh
DaranEner NEO300 Pro Portable Power Station | 600W 299Wh
DaranEner NEO300 Pro Portable Power Station | 600W 299Wh
DaranEner NEO300 Pro Portable Power Station | 600W 299Wh
DaranEner NEO300 Pro Portable Power Station | 600W 299Wh
DaranEner NEO300 Pro Portable Power Station | 600W 299Wh
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DaranEner NEO300 Pro Portable Power Station | 600W 299Wh

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  • 【Large Capacity with Fast Charging】: NEO300 Pro Portable Power Station features a large capacity battery of 299 Wh, while adopting DaranEner fast charging technology, the charging station can be fully charged in 1.3 hours with just one cable.
  • 【Safe LiFePO4 Power Station】Charge the NEO300 Pro with its LFP battery cells over 3500 times before their capacity drops to 80%. This corresponds to almost 10 years of regular use. The NEO300 Pro features advanced BMS protection that monitors voltage, current and temperature to keep your LFP battery lasting for years.
  • 【5 Input Charging Methods】: Charge your portable generator via AC in about 1.3 hours, via solar panel (DaranEner SP100, solar charging mode: MPPT) or 12V car via DC5525 in about 2.5 hours. AC + solar panel or car charge can be charged to 80% in 40 minutes.
  • 【Reliable UPS】- NEO300 Pro immediately provides backup power when the grid fails, protecting your desktop PC, file servers, and other sensitive devices from data loss.
  • 【What You Get】- DaranEner NEO300 Pro portable power station, AC charging cable, user manual, 5-year warranty and friendly customer service.

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What is in the box

  • Portable power station
  • User manual & warranty card
  • AC charging cable
  • USB-C cable
  • DC5525 car charging cable
  • MC4-DC5525 cable


Battery details

Capacity :


Type :


Life Cycles :

3500+ cycles up to 80% of original capacity

Durability :

Charge to 80% every 3-6 months

System :

MPPT controller, BMS, UPS etc.


USB-A*4 :

MAX. 18W

USB-C*2 :


Car socket output :

Max. 120W (12V⎓8A)

AC output :

600W (Surge 1200W) 120V~60Hz

LED lighting :



AC input :

Max. 550W (120V/5A)

Solar charge :

Max. 150W (DC5525 10~24V)


Weight :

5.3 KG / 11.7LB

Size :

30.8×19.6×24.7 CM

Operating temperature :

-10~ 45°C


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very disappointed been crying all day

I bought this for camping and our soon to be road trip 28 days off grid and it worked for one weekend and now will not even charge 2 phone before dying I followed all instructions to a t and I can't even begin to say how disappointed I am spending so much money for it not to work as it says it should

Great power supply

I have one of their smaller one and had to order this one when it came available.
This unit charges super fast with the A/C plug or a solar panel. I have a 200w panel and it's almost as fast as the wall charger. Has plenty of power to run a fan/fans or light/lights for several hours. This unit is hard to beat, especially for the price.
One thing I really like about this product is the customer service, it's been first rate.

Amazon Customer
DaranEner Portable Power Station NEO300 Pro, 299Wh LiFePO4 600W pure sine wave inverter review

It is a very nice and compact unit.
It has 299Wh using LiFePO4 battery which is a lot safer and has way a lot more charging cycles than the NMC batteries, this one of the reasons I bought this unit.
It has 600W pure sine wave inverter.
It comes with AC power, car adapter cord, and Solar charging cables.
I tested that battery capacity using AC load, it comes out to be about 250Wh which is about 84% of the 299Wh battery capacity, this is about typical capacity you will get from power station due to inverter efficiency and system loss.
The Solar/DC input has 5525 port, 10 ~ 24 Vdc 10A, 150W max.
The UPS modes works pretty fast, I do not see my laptop drops out during switching test.

The bad thing I do not like:
1) It has only one AC outlet.
2) The display is really lagging due to not much information being displayed such as power input/output, you can't tell how much power you are putting in or drawing from the unit.
3) It uses a 5525 connector for DC input for charging, it should use XT60 connector instead which typical for small power stations.
4) It does not have a PD port for input/output.
5) It does not have wireless charging for cell phones.
6) It has fixed handle on top so the top is not flat.

At $299 is not a really bad price for Power Station with LiFePO4, I like the unit but I really hate the display.
it will come in handy this summer when we have rolling black out here in California.

BTW, I can extend the run time using 1my SOK 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 battery and the boost converter to feed this unit to extend the run time.

Note: the unit shipped with Hibernation mode on, so if if you have small load <20W, such as CPAP machine or small fridge, the unit will go into hibernation mode so there will be no output after 15 minutes, you can turn hibernation mode off per instruction in the user manual.

DURANENER NEO-300 Pro Hibernation mode ON - OFF instruction:

Turn on the DC output.
Press the LED power switch and the AC power switch at the same time, the AC icon should flash 9 times to indicate that the Hibernation mode is off, to turn Hibernation mode back on, repeat the same procedures and you will see the AC icon flashes 3 times.
Notes: in Hibernation mode, if it detects <200mA (<20W load) of current draws it will go into hibernation mode after 15 minutes. The inverter draws about 7W in standby mode ( inverter on but no AC load).